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Vector the crocodile is minor character in the series sonic and its comic series published by archie comics. he is the leader of the chaotix. he somehow formed the chaotix detective agency, once meeting with sonic. one day, they were hired by vanilla the rabbit to find her daughter.Sonic (, sonikku ekkusu?) es un para televisin basada en la saga de juegos de sonic the hedgehog. fue desarrollada en n por el estudio de animacin onesa tms entertainment con el patrocinio de sega sonic team emitindose por la cadena televisiva tv tokyo desde de abril de al de marzo de . Sonic (sonikku ekkusu?) un prodotto da tokyo shinsha, ispirato alla popolare serie di giochi sonic the hedgehog, tratto da sonic adventure, sonic adventure sonic battle per alcune parti delle stagioni della prima serie. Tails' profile in sonic jam. tails is gentlehearted, sweetnatured and loyal fox with positive atude. in the beginning, he was timid and quiet, but he .

miles "tails" prower, sonic adventure. miles prower (), conocido mejor por su seudnimo tails (), es un personaje de la saga de cmics, libros vdeo juegos de sonic the hedgehog, creado por sega. Sonic is anese television series based on the sonic the hedgehog game series published by sega. produced by tms entertainment and directed by hajime kamegaki, sonic initially ran for fiftytwo episodes, broadcast on tv tokyo from april , to march , . Sonic is an series based on the sonic the hedgehog game series. it originally ran consecutively on sundays from april , to march , with total of episodes (collectively known as the anese "series "). Sonic (auch sonic der igel, sonic the hedgehog, . , sonikku za hejjihoggu) ist eine computerspielserie des anischen publishers sega. Sonic es una serie de para televisin producida por tokyo shinsha entertainment. ltd kids entertainment, basada en las sagas de juegos sonic adventure (dreamcast, gamecube) sonic adventure (dreamcast, gamecube) de la franquicia de sonic the hedgehog (sonic el erizo).

Shadow the hedgehog ( shad za hejjihoggu) is the true main antagonist in the series sonic and also appears in its comic series published by archie comics. he is dark doppelgnger and the enemy of sonic the hedgehog and his friends. he appeared in the sonic . Plot summary edit. right after many years of cosmo'sacrifice and absence, cosmo returns to station square by green magical glow from of the seeds that sonic gave to tails the other night, and everybody else is very thrilled for her return. Big is member of team rose with amy and cream in sonic heroes . he is voiced by kyle herbert, who is successor to both jon st. jon and pete zarustica. Shadow the hedgehog is the main antagonist turned antihero in sonic . he is sonic'archrival and the infamous black and red ultimate lifeform. he was created for the purpose of finding cure for deadly neurological disorder called nids, which was killing the granddaughter of his creator. The silver sonic prototype version attacks sonic. after these early victories, peace returned to south island and westside island, until sonic'friend, tails, was kidnapped by dr. eggman.

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