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When used without any further description, vector refers either to most generally, an element of vector e in physics and geometry, euclidean vector, used to .Ripple tank (d waves) applet ripple tank simulation that demonstrates wave motion, interference, diffraction, refraction, doppler effect, etc. Free science and math simulations for teaching stem topics, including physics, chemistry, biology, and math, from university of colorado boulder

Here are some of the topics in mathematics that person who wants to learn advanced topics in theoretical physics, especially string theory, should . Discussion scalarvector multiplication. multiplication of vector by scalar changes the magnitude of the vector, but leaves its direction unchanged. Math wizard tutoring mathematics, chemistry & physics since vancouverclark county proven, experienced, effective. Here you will be introduced to the mathematics necessary for the manipulation of vector quanies, which have both magnitude and direction. Vector, magnitude and direction of vector defined with examples and practice problems.

Quicktime vectors and projectiles. horizontally launched projectile nonhorizontally launched projectile momentum and collisions. cartruck collisions . You probably know that subtraction is the same thing as adding negative is the same thing as + (). the easiest way to think about vector . Resolve the vectors into their components along the and axes. (watch the signs.) then add the components along each axis to get the components of the resultant. Sat subject physics facts & formulas for example, velocity is vector (represented by boldface ) and is given by number (say, /sec) along with direction .

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