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When used without any further description, vector usually refers either to most generally, an element of vector e in physics and geometry, euclidean vector .In mathematics, physics, and engineering, euclidean vector (sometimes called geometric or spatial vector, oras heresimply vector) is geometric object . Vector in physics, quany that has both magnitude and direction. it is typically represented by an arrow whose direction is the same as that of the quany and .

Discussion scalarvector multiplication. multiplication of vector by scalar changes the magnitude of the vector, but leaves its direction unchanged. Jul , introduction to the cross product. created by sal khan. watch the next lesson https//www.khanacademy/science/physics/magneticforcesandmagnetic . Physics is mathematical science. the underlying concepts and principles have mathematical basis. throughout the course of our study of physics, we will encounter . Aug , understanding the differences between the dot and cross products. created by sal khan. watch the next lesson https//www.khanacademy/science/physics . References arfken, . "vector or cross product." .in mathematical methods for physicists, rd ed. orlando, fl academic press, pp. , .

Thanks to everyone that attended the gdc physics tutorial in san francisco. im really proud of the work done by the tutorial team! you can download the tutorials . Vectors. vector is quany specified by magnitude plus direction in e. properties of vectors. any vector is uniquely specified by its three components , , . the physics clroom, all rights reserved. Vector is formally defined as an element of vector e. in the commonly encountered vector e ^(.., euclidean ne), vector is given by .

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